Tariffs & Policies

Dharamshala Room Type Facilities Total Rooms Online Rooms Facility Charge
(Suvidha Shulka) (Rs.)
Vardhman Dharmshala A.C. A.C., Geyser,Double Bed, Room Heater, Attach Lat-Bath 21 10 750
Vardhman Dharmshala Deluxe European/Indian Toilet, Double Bed (Without Cooler & Geyser) 19 9 150
Katla Parisar Chandni Super Deluxe Cooler, Geyser, Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 9 4 250
Katla Parisar West Wing Super Deluxe European Toilet, Double Bed, Geyser 8 4 250
Katla Parisar North Wing Super Deluxe Cooler, Geyser, Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 22 11 250
Kund Kund Dharmshala (Katla Parisar) Deluxe Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 37 18 150
Vardhman Dharmshala AC Super Deluxe A.C., Geyser,Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 2 1 850
B Block (Above Shops) AC (Two Double Bed) European Toilet, Two Double Bed A.C., Geyser 4 2 1250
B Block (Above Shops) AC (Double Bed) European Toilet, Double Bed A.C., Geyser 9 6 850
Katla Parisar (Above RathKhane) AC Hall 6 Beds AC, Geyser, 6 Beds Room, Attach latch-bath 1 1 1350
Katla Parisar (Above RathKhane) A.C. Big Room (President Building) A.C., Geyser,Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 1 1 1150
Katla Parisar A.C. Room (North Side) A.C., Geyser,Double Bed, Attach Lat-Bath 4 2 750
Vaishali Yatri Niwas 17 Beds per Hall 17 Beds, 1 Geyser per Hall, Attach 3 Lat-Baths, Locker 47 12 600
Katla Parisar A.C. Room (East Side) A.C., Geyser,Double Bed, European Toilet 7 4 750
* Cancellation Charges are 25% of one day Facility Charge (Suvidha Shulka) Before 48 HRS of arrival time and 50% of one day Facility Charge (Suvidha Shulka) till intended time of arrival. There will not be refund if arrival date and time has been past.
* Cancellation will be done by user from his/her My Account (Booking History Page).


  • Only 50% of Total Rooms are available for online booking rest 50% will be allotted on "First Come - First Serve" basis at Shri Mahaveer Ji.
  • Online booking is only confirmed when booking status is "Booked". "Payment Not Made" Booking status means booking is NOT made.
  • Rooms remaining vacant after online booking will be allotted on "First Come - First Serve" basis.
  • This booking will only be valid along with an ID Proof in original. If without ID Proof the room will not be allotted.
  • Valid IDs to be brought at the time of allotment of room :- Voter Identity Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Photo ID card issued by Central / State Govt. / Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School or College for their students / Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph /Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph.
  • General rules/ Information for e-booking have to be studied by the pilgrim for cancellation & refund.
  • Booking can only be done 48 hrs. prior to the intended time of arrival.
  • The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the ID card noted above is presented.
  • e-Room Booking cancellations are available through www.mahaveerji.org by the user till intended time of arrival.
  • Extra mattress is available at extra charge but bed are not avilable with extra mattress.
  • If some body booked hall and less pilgrims are staying in the hall as per the capacity of hall then management has right to allocate remaining beds to other pilgrims.
  • While vacating the room please deposit the keys to incharge and obtain refund of security deposit if any from reception (Swagat Kaksha) against extra materials if any.
  • Pilgrims are advised to observe Kshetra's religious practices.
  • Please switch off the lights, water supply if not in use.
  • Do not use Gas in super deluxe or A. C. rooms.
  • You can submit your money (If more than Rs. 500) and your jewellery to cashier.
  • Please give your valuable suggestions at reception.
  • Please use your own key-lock.
  • Arrival and Departure time are shown in 24 hour clock.
  • If you have any technical problem in e-Room Booking kindly contact at mahaveerjitrust@gmail.com .